The Caribbean, 1718. A time when some of the most feared pirates during the Golden Age of Piracy sailed the seas. Plundering, murdering, stealing from cargo ships, slave trading, and attacking naval ships. There is a living to be made from these illicit activities that make life for merchants and governments problematic. Having left Europe, a young aspiring pirate captain named William Teach sails to Charleston on a slave trader ship, hoping to make a new life for himself. After befriending some local pirates, the young pirate captain soon managed to gain possession of his own ship and a crew to sail with. Beginning his reign of terror around the Caribbean Seas, William began to fit the mold of what it meant to be a pirate. His reputation began to precede him where he went, and he started to see the fruits of his labors as his riches began to amount. William desires to be the greatest pirate captain to have ever sailed the seas. However, William keeps a deep family secret from his past, hidden from his crew. A secret that ultimately leads him to his fate in the annals of pirate lore, as he looks to take complete control of the seas from the most feared pirate known to have sailed the world. His very own brother, Edward Teach. Better known to many other pirates and merchants as Blackbeard the Pirate.

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