Over the last seven years, Dr. Josh Walker has been an instructor of Greek History at Mountain Springs College in Providence, Rhode Island. A part of the Greek Academia program there at the college, he has developed a true passion for his study and instructing the next generation of Greek History students about his knowledge in Greek history. His world comes crashing down one day at the college though, when funding and support to the Greek Academics program is stopped, thereby ending all subjects Greek related there at the college after the current school quarter is over. Prior to receiving the bad news, a Greek Mythology student Matt Hahn had spoken with Josh regarding his research on a rare gemstone called The Heart of Theia. A treasure that possesses enormous powers to commune with the dead, give sight into the future, and more importantly to Josh now, make the man who possesses the stone wealthy beyond all reason. After careful research from Matt, the gemstone is believed to be hidden in an enormous secret labyrinth under the palace of King Minos in Crete. A massive cave system that even the most experienced cave explorers could get lost in. With no other options available to him to find funding and save the Greek Academia program there at the school, Josh is allotted the last of the departments funds to take his student and lead a team of local Greek excavators to King Minos Palace on the island of Crete to search for the gemstone. However, deep in this giant maze, there is more than just a legendary gemstone with supernatural powers waiting to be discovered. Something dangerous still wanders the corridors of the labyrinth. Something born inhuman from lust, betrayal, and greed. Something that hungers to feast on human flesh again. Josh and his team soon discover that there are some things in this world that were never meant to be disturbed.

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