It’s an exciting time in the life of Parker Cunningham. Having just graduated from college with an undergraduate degree in forestry, Parker is excited to get a career started in the United States Forest Service and serve the community in his home state of California. Unfortunately for Parker though, there currently are no forestry job opportunities in Northern California where he wants to live without moving out of state and away from his family. Except for one summer job that no one has applied for in the area. To work as a fire watchman in a fire tower out deep in the Shasta National Forest of Northern California. Reluctant to spend the next four months in isolation, Parker takes the job so he can stay close to family and to get his foot in the door for future career opportunities with the forest service in Northern California. However, deep in these woods exists a creature of folklore that hunts humans for prey with a ravenous and insatiable hunger as told by generation after generation of loggers in the area. With no prior knowledge of this creature, Parker feels confident enough knowing Northern California after having camped there many times growing up as a young boy with his father. He accepts the job and begins his work in the watchtower, only to be constantly stalked by the beast as it terrorizes him on a nightly basis until the creature is ready to attack. Parker now needs to make the biggest choice of his young life: his future and everything he ever worked for, or stay and become the next victim of the monster known as the Hidebehind.

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