Jacob Whitlock is a young drifter who carries his troubling childhood with him everywhere he goes. Having run away from home before he turned 18, he was a young man who was trying to find his place in life with no guidance or support along the way. Jacob soon came to learn from another drifter that there is a hotel in the desert town of Tonopah, Nevada that is offering people a free room, meals, and pay to anyone who would come to work for them. The young drifter then embarks on a journey to be one of the first ones to make it to the hotel to get a job. Along the way he meets up with a trucker at a roadside diner who drives him to an old gas station along the desert highway. However, when he got out of the truck to use the bathroom, his ride, the trucker, the gas station, and all evidence of civilization all vanish without a trace. Jacob decides to continue to try to make it to Tonopah by walking there, but along the way Jacob encounters multiple hallucinations of his abusive childhood while in the desert, as well as a creature from Native American legend that has given reason for man to stay far away from this wilderness for centuries.

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