Matt and Christina Carter live an extremely busy life as a young married couple in Olympia, Washington. Barely having any time for one another, both find themselves in career paths that push them further away from one another until an auto accident leaves Matt paralyzed from the waist down and in a wheelchair. Realizing they need to make changes in their lives to strengthen their relationship, the young couple choose to move out of the bigger city and into a cabin in the heavily wooded area of Elwha, Washington. Peaceful and serene, the couple enjoy their new lifestyle of living off the grid while Christina accepts her new roles of wife and caregiver to her husband, when one evening a stray dog wanders onto their front porch with a name tag that reads "Max". The following week of terror during the late evening hours is filled by visits from a group of large, hairy humanoid sasquatch creatures, hell bent on the couple's destruction. Matt and Christina must now work together and rely on one another to fend off the terrors that live beyond the grass fields that surround their cabin and behind the thick blanket of darkness known as the heavily wooded forest of the Pacific Northwest's Olympic Mountain Range. They will need to learn how to work together as a team of one to survive The Cabin at the End of Herrick Road.

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